Together We Can Make a Difference During COVID-19 Crisis

As a proud member of Meals on Wheels America, Meals on Wheels of Hancock County serves an incredibly vulnerable population. We’re often the primary lifeline delivering so much more than just a meal, especially in the uncertain times we find ourselves experiencing.

Across the country, community meal delivery programs such as Meals on Wheels of Hancock County are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. We’re taking healthy precautions to protect high-risk individuals, and all of our clients and volunteers, while preparing for increased demand and new ways of delivering services, including a limited contact model of delivery and phone calls to follow-up and check-in.

We know the critical importance of preparation in times like this and understand the delicate balance between panic and preparedness. We support facts over fear, and constantly monitor updates and directives for social distancing and stay-at-home initiatives. You can read Meals on Wheels America’s frequently-updated national coronavirus response here.
Keeping Neighbors Safe Amid COVID-19
Vulnerable seniors and homebound neighbors with compromised immune systems are at the greatest risk amid COVID-19. Local Meals on Wheels programs such as Meals on Wheels of Hancock County’s are on the front lines every day, focused on doing all we can to keep fellow Americans safe and nourished in communities nationwide.

The costs and efforts needed to protect neighbors from COVID-19 require additional emergency funds, and that’s why we’re asking Hoosier businesses, foundations and the general public to remember our vulnerable neighbors in our local response. We’re monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and will continue to share updates as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we ask for your help. Please help sponsor those who may need financial support in securing daily delivery of our fresh, healthy meals, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

⦁ Take Precautions Around High-risk Individuals
Whether you’re visiting your grandparents or volunteering for Meals on Wheels of Hancock County, please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on how to protect yourself and individuals at risk of serious illness from COVID-19.
⦁ Contact Your At-risk Loved Ones and Neighbors
Now is the time to call, text or email your older neighbors and loved ones to see what they might need to be prepared. Let them know you’re thinking about them and that you’re available to help, should they need it.
⦁ Follow CDC Recommendations for At-risk Older Adults
Like many illnesses, older adults face higher risks of contracting COVID-19 and/or experiencing complications, particularly if they also have chronic medical conditions. According to CDC, if you are at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, you should:
Stock up on appropriate supplies
⦁ Take ⦁ everyday precautions to keep space between yourself and others
⦁ When you go out in public, keep away from others who are sick, limit close contact and wash your hands often.

Avoid crowds as much as possible.

We encourage concerned individuals to follow state and local health department communications for the best information and accurate instructions for each unique community. Stay safe and healthy.

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